Magnum 4

Newspaper and Semi-Commercial 4/6-Page Press

The Magnum 4 press is a mid-range single-width press with 4-page configurations as standard and optional 3 x 1 capabilities. The press is the solution for printers who want higher speed and a more fully featured press with the latest integrated controls and technology.

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  • Descripción general

    Características y ventajas

    • Mono to four-high tower unit configurations
    • Slot-gap plate lock-up
    • Reel rod blanket lock-up
    • Tension control thoughout press
    • Patented Goss stubby journal design
    • Blanket cylinder bearers
    • Double-row pre-loaded Timken roller bearings
    • Solid stainless steel cylinders with AGMA class 12 gears
    • Motorized ink fountain rollers
    • Motorized register and remove ink zone control
    • Spiral brush dampening
    • Shafted drive

    Optional features:

    • Spray bar dampening
    • Automated controls with remote inking and presetting
    • Footprint shaftless drive
    • Folder and reelstand choices
    • Heatset and UV applications
    • Three-form inking
    • Range of auxiliary equipment
    • Quarter folder and double-parallel folding


    The Goss Magnum 4 press is an evolution of the market-leading Goss Community SSC press series. One-plate-around capable of producing broadsheet, tabloid, quarter page or double-parallel products. The press utilizes a vertical arrangement of printing units and is an ideal choice for newspaper publishers or insert and semi-commercial printers interested in producing a wide variety of products and formats.


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    • Restore equipment reliability
    • Proactively identify productivity issues
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    • On-site maintenance programs
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