The New York Times Investing in Goss Controls Upgrade on Seven Colorliner Presses

DURHAM, N.H. July 20, 2017 –  The New York Times (NYT) has begun the major project of upgrading the controls on their Goss presses. The NYT have five Goss Colorliners and two Colorliner 85 presses in their College Point, NY facility.

The upgrade, which includes newly updated control platforms using the latest technology, will remove the obsolescence issues faced by the Colorliners, increase press functionality, and allow the presses to continue to run for years to come. The five Colorliners will undergo a complete controls upgrade to both the unit and the desk, a drive upgrade and 50 RTP (Reel Stand) upgrades. The two Colorliner 85 presses will receive new desk upgrades.

“We believe this type of upgrade offers our customers real-time return on investment, now and over many years to come,” explains Ian Buckley, Goss UK General Manager.

Components on the Colorliner presses have become obsolete over the years, and harder to find. This upgrade ensures they are viable assets for the future. Through their global engineering, as well as their recent strategic acquisitions, Goss has positioned itself to keep its large base of newspaper presses and inserter customers up and running.

While this project involves a complete control systems overhaul to all of the NYT’s Colorliners, this can be broken down into individual system upgrades, or even partial system upgrades. This eases the potential investment and downtime challenges. Goss also offers financing for these projects.

“The Colorliner presses have given the NYT great service for over 20 years,” says Buckley. “Goss will apply the latest innovations to ensure they have a long working life, and employ the most cutting edge technologies to allow the presses to be run in the most modern and effective way.”

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