Air Bustle Device, Ref#UE101

Product Category: Newspaper Presses
Suitable to the following products: Newsliner, Uniliner, Universal, Colorliner, Universal XL, Headliner Offset, Metro, Metroliner, Magnum Compact, Magnum 4, Community SSC, Urbanite, V30
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  • Benefits

    • Increased print quality
    • Reduced waste


    The air bustle device (ABD) is an effective way to control fan-out and maintain consistent high quality print quality on lighter weight substrates.

    There are two versions available:

    Manual: The operator manually controls the movement of the nozzles.

    Automatic: No operator interface. The adjustment is made in conjunction with a closed loop color system.

    Constant air pressure and a height adjustable air nozzle unit keep the air usage very low and enable substantial width changes to the web. The system is also maintenance free.