Closed Loop Color (CLC) Control Interface, Ref#UE111

Product Category: All Goss Presses
Suitable to the following products: Newsliner, Sunday 2000, Uniliner, Sunday 3000, Universal, Sunday 4000, Colorliner, Sunday 5000, Universal XL, Headliner Offset, M500, M600, Metro, M1000, Metroliner, M3000, Magnum Compact, M110, Magnum 4, M120, Community SSC, M9000, Urbanite, V30, C700
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  • Benefits

    • Reduced waste
    • Better print quality
    • Improved performance


    This enhancement links the various third-party suppliers of closed-loop color control systems to the ink keys on Goss presses equipped with Tele-color II and Omnicolor® control consoles. One CLC interface is required per press system.

    Available for Telecolor II and Omnicolor® (Tele-color II presses may require an upgrade)