Omnicolor® Controls Console Retrofit, Ref#UE149

Product Category: All Goss Presses
Suitable to the following products: Sunday 2000, Uniliner, Sunday 3000, Universal, Sunday 4000, Colorliner, Sunday 5000, Universal XL, Headliner Offset, M500, M600, Metro, M1000, Metroliner, M3000, Magnum Compact, Magnum 4, Community SSC, Urbanite, V30, C700
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  • Benefits

    • 19” Touch-screen Panel for operator inputs
    • Logical layout with easy to learn graphics
    • CIP4 compatibility
    • Open architecture
    • Modem or VPN for remote diagnostics
    • Easy navigation –minimum screen layers
    • Eliminates hard to find and obsolete parts
    • Full connectivity


    This upgrade utilizes the console from the newest version of our control system, Omnicon®, and makes it available as an enhancement to all previous press models.

    The benefit of this upgrade is the full connectivity of the Omnicolor® system, with prepress interface and closed-loop color control adaptability, that can be accomplished using CIP4 and JDF standards. It makes full use of today’s technology, and is an open-architecture system expandable for tomorrow’s advancements.