Omnicon® Control Console Upgrade

Suitable to the following products: M1000
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  • Benefits

    • Remote diagnostics via modem or VPN
    • Open architecture
    • Easy navigation – minimum screen layers
    • Eliminates hard to find and obsolete parts


    The Omnicon® console upgrade utilizes the main press console from the newest version of our control system, Omnicon®, and makes it available as an enhancement to the widely used M-1000B Press system.

    The full connectivity of the Omnicon® system, including Omnicolor® with prepress interface and closed loop color control adaptability, can be achieved using CIP4 and JDF standards. It also eliminates the single purpose console, replacing it with a multi-purpose console that is able to do it all. This enhancement makes full use of today’s computer technology, and is an open-architecture system that can be expanded for tomorrow’s advancements.