Tension Control Upgrade for Infeed and Chill Roll, Ref#UE168

Product Category: Commercial Presses
Suitable to the following products: Sunday 2000, Sunday 3000, Sunday 4000, Sunday 5000, M500, M600, M1000, M3000, M110, M120, M9000, C700, Ecocool Dryer, Ecotherm Dryer
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  • Benefits

    • Eliminates obsolescence situations and protects your production reliability
    • Improves press performance
    • Components match the original Goss design and performance specifications
    • Minor cost and major convenience for maximum benefit and dependability
    • Simple to repair – overhaul and restore your equipment for optimal performance
    • An up-to-date AC System for the control of the harmonic tension drive motor


    Goss offers an upgrade for your press tension control system.

    In addition to addressing the existing infeed and chill roll control module obsolescence issues, this Goss designed solution will improve tension control and web transport, and result in much greater resolution and tighter calibrations.

    The relevant models include:

    • V30
    • N400B
    • M100B
    • M100L
    • M130
    • PS100S
    • M110C
    • M110B
    • PS100L
    • NCH4
    • M100
    • M1000B
    • M100B2
    • M100BE
    • M120C
    • M300M
    • M8
    • M8L
    • M8S
    • M24D
    • N954
    • N9000
    • N9000D
    • N900III
    • PS100
    • V15

    • Harmonic drive motor and strain gauge are exchanged
    • Drive control unit and control logic are exchanged
    • Installed by Goss trained technicians