Siemens/TI CPU Controls Upgrade, Ref#UE165

Product Category: Commercial Presses
Suitable to the following products: M1000
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  • Benefits

    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Time saving
    • Fully supported Goss service and parts
    • Retains the look and feel of the existing system


    Many older control platforms are no longer supported by the original manufacturers. In support of its customers, Goss has developed a fully supported upgrade for the Siemens/TI 560/565 control platform.

    This enhancement consists of a new PLC rack including a power supply, CPU, and interface card for the existing coaxial I/O network, as well as other modules integrated into the upgraded system.

    A Goss technician will download the new software and perform all the steps necessary to make your existing system compatible with the new control platform. This also includes an upgraded software package to allow the maintenance department to communicate with the new system.