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Preferred Service Plan

Parts & Services

For single-width newspaper presses

Goss offers a Preferred Service Plan (PSP) for its single-width press users The PSP Agreement offers customers the benefit of an annual audit, a service technician dedicated to the region, and reduced service rates. The service is designed to assist customers by taking a proactive approach to minimize mechanical failures, reduce the risk of hard-down situations and to better manage the needs of their printing equipment.

The preventive maintenance annual audit offers a free audit on or before December 31, 2017. From January 1, 2018 onward, PSP participants will be required to schedule and purchase an audit each year in order to receive the PSP rates.

The annual inspection will review the following areas:

  • Drive line:
    • Unit shaft and bearings, ring and pinion gears and clutches
  • Printing unit:
    • Ink fountains, micro metric rollers, ink vibrators, cylinders, gear box
  • Folder:
    • Drive gears, jaw and cutting cylinders, RTF roller, trolleys, etc.
  • Quarter folder:
    • Rotary brush, tapes, drive gears, crush rollers, etc.

Regional Technician:

  • A service technician dedicated to your region and available for regular and emergency service calls

Reduced Service Rate:

  • The Preferred Service Plan rates are applicable for the services described. The reduced rate is applicable to services only as described above, and standard rates apply for new installations, major repairs, moving or re-erecting of presses.

Along with the benefits of the inspections, dedicated technician and reduced rates, customers will receive a detailed report and up-to-date quote for recommended genuine Goss parts. Customers will have an opportunity for a Question and Answer period onsite following the inspection with the qualified service technician.


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