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Preventive Maintenance

Parts & Services

Lifetime support for press and finishing equipment

Goss partners with its customers for equipment support, and is committed to helping achieve optimal press performance and preventing small issues from becoming larger impacting problems. Goss has maintenance programs to proactively tune your equipment and prevent unwanted downtime.

Goss programs help maintain, optimize, improve and extend the life of your press. Goss-trained technicians assess the condition of the equipment, perform press upgrades and recommend spare parts designed to optimize operation of the press, ensuring long-term efficiency. Through repair, adjustments and/or parts, equipment will be set to recommended performance specifications.

The benefits of implementing a preventive maintenance program are many. Goss dedicated technicians have years of experience, training and knowledge of your equipment model. They have access to the original equipment records, can develop customized plans for upgrades/retrofits for improving performance, quality, productivity and operating costs.

There is a wide range of solutions available for maximizing press performance while minimizing cost and waste. The aftermarket engineering group is continually developing new upgrade kits to bring your equipment in line with latest advancements.


  • Preserve and restore reliability of the equipment
  • Receive fundamental knowledge and skills training on automation and drives
  • Improve machine utilization — less unplanned downtime
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve quality and productivity
  • Save money by having well-maintained equipment and effective service routines
  • Motivate employees toward better performance
  • Create lasting strategies to stay competitive
  • Proactively identify productivity issues
  • Identify obsolete components and recommend replacement
  • Goss-trained technicians
  • Access to original equipment records


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