16-page web offset press system

The M600 press is the best-selling 16-page web press in the world and is renowned for its premium print quality, versatility and solid, heavy duty, reliable design.

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  • Overview

    Features & Advantages

    • Premium print quality
    • Commercial and publication applications
    • Up to 70,000 impressions per hour
    • Extensive automation
    • Fast, low-waste make-readies
    • Versatile combination folders available
    • In-line finishing options
    • Proven reliability


    Premium print quality, reliability and versatility best describe the M600 press. Renowned for these features, and designed especially for the printer who needs versatility, with proven reliability, the M600 is the press printers rely on to solidify their own leadership positions in publication and commercial web printing markets.

    The M600 press has distinguished itself with high-performance features that make it easier for printers to deliver the premium print quality that their most demanding customers require. This solid, heavy-duty press is also designed to provide high print quality day in and day out with minimal maintenance and service.

    From the revolutionary Autoplate® option to the Goss Web Center® and multi-drive technologies, the M600 presses are highly automated, easy to operate and easy to integrate within a digital workflow. They provide the productivity, low-waste and fast make-ready capabilities that make web printers more competitive.

    M600 presses can print a wide range of products–-from high-quality brochures and magazines to highly specialized items–-at a virtually unlimited range of run lengths. One- and two-web systems can be configured with a choice of Goss splicers, dryers and folders. A full range of additional options and auxiliary systems is easy to integrate. Printers can custom design a system to meet a specific requirements or one that gives them the flexibility to efficiently produce multiple product formats.

  • Specifications
    M-600 A M-600 C M-600 D
    Speed 45,000 cph 55,000 cph 70,000 cph
    Cylinder configuration 16 pages (2x4) 16 pages (2x4) 16 pages (2x4)
    Combination folder JF-45 JF-55 JF-65/JF-70
    Pinless former folder PFF PFF PFF
    Goss splicers Contiweb CS Contiweb CS Contiweb CS or FD
    Goss dryers Ecoweb, Ecotherm or Ecocool Ecoweb, Ecotherm or Ecocool Ecocool

    Cutoffs/web widths:

    • 546 x 880 mm (21.50 x 35.25 inches)
    • 578 x 965 mm (22.75 x 38 inches)
    • 598 x 965 mm (23.54 x 38 inches)
    • 610 x 965 mm (24.01 x 38 inches)
    • 625 x 965 mm (24.61 x 38 inches)
    • 630 x 965 mm (24.80 x 38 inches)
    • 700 x 1020 mm (27.56 x 40 inches)
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  • Support

    Preventive Maintenance

    • Reduce downtime
    • Restore equipment reliability
    • Proactively identify productivity issues
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    Flexible Spending Account Programs

    • Advance purchase service agreements
    • On-site maintenance programs
    • Corporate programs available
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    Preferred Service Plan

    • Annual audit
    • Service technician dedicated to the region
    • Reduced service rates
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