Sunday® 3000

Gapless web offset press systems

Sunday® 3000 printing units, designed for premium print quality, speed and long-term reliability, are at the heart of Sunday® 3000 press systems.

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  • Overview

    Features & Advantages

    • Premium print quality
    • Proven reliability and durability
    • Extensive automation
    • Paper savings via smaller non-print area and shorter cutoff
    • Gapless blankets
    • 6- or 8- page web widths
    • 1:1 plate-to-blanket cylinder ratio
    • Independent AC drives
    • Automated plate changing with Quick Plate Loading (QPL)


    The Sunday® 3000 press, the original “gapless” press, continues to set the standard for high-volume applications delivering the competitive advantages of high speeds on wide webs with premium print quality.

    For single-circumference applications that demand the highest productivity, fastest job turn-around times and lowest costs, with no compromise in print quality, the leading printers in the world demand Sunday® 3000 presses.

    Along with signature gapless blankets, 1:1 in-line cylinder stacks and heavy-duty side frames, Sunday® 3000 printing units feature a continuous 14-roll inker specifically engineered to optimize responsiveness and quality at the highest printing speeds. Duotrol dampening, segmented ink fountain blades, motorized register adjustment and cylinder skewing and automated blanket washing are just some of the additional features that simplify operation and ensure high print quality.

    While the original Sunday® 3000 presses were designed for longer-run applications, current models also excel at shorter run lengths. Omnicon® controls and the Goss Web Center® workflow system combine to reduce makeready time and waste, while semi-automatic or Quick Plate Loading options can reduce plate changing times to less than two minutes.

    24- AND 32-PAGE Sunday® 3000 formats open the door to increased productivity

    The original Sunday® 3000 press revolutionized web printing with its six-pages across cylinder configuration. The Sunday® 3000/32 extended the web width to eight pages, a format that can double or even triple the productivity of a traditional 16-page press while delivering “industry standard” 4-, 8-, 16-, or 32-page signatures and the option to divide the web into three ribbons for unique square format products.

    As a result, 2×8 Sunday® 3000/32 presses present a versatile alternative to double circumference presses for some high pagination applications. They also offer a highly profitable replacement option for traditional 16-page presses, increasing productivity dramatically while reducing the number of paper webs, printing units, splicers, dryers and operators.

  • Specifications
    Sunday 3000/24 Sunday 3000/32
    Speed up to 100,000 iph up to 100,000 iph
    Cylinder configuration 2 x 6 2 x 8
    Cutoffs/Web widths 533 x 1450 mm (21.00 x 57 inches) 546 x 1450 mm (21.50 x 57 inches) 565 x 1450 mm (22.25 x 57 inches) 578 x 1450 mm (22.75 x 57 inches) 590 x 1450 mm (23.23 x 57 inches) 610 x 1450 mm (24.02 x 57 inches) 620 x 1450 mm (24.41 x 57 inches) 533 x 1680 mm (21.0 x 566 inches) 533 x 1830 mm (21 x 72 inches) 546 x 1830 mm (21.5 x 72 inches) 565 x 1830/1905 mm (22.25 x 72/75 inches) 578 x 1830 mm (22.75 x 72 inches) 590 x 1830 mm (23.25 x 72 inches) 610 x 1830 mm (24 x 72 inches) 620 x 1830 mm (24.4 x 72 inches)
    Pinless combination folders PCF-3, JF80/G, JF100/G PCF-3, JF80/G, JF100/G
    Pinless former folders PFF-3.2 and PFF-3.4 PFF-3.2 and PFF-3.4
    Goss splicers Contiweb CS or FD Contiweb CS or FD
    Goss dryers Ecoweb, Ecotherm or Ecocool Ecoweb, Ecotherm or Ecocool
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    Preventive Maintenance

    • Reduce downtime
    • Restore equipment reliability
    • Proactively identify productivity issues
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    • On-site maintenance programs
    • Corporate programs available
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    • Service technician dedicated to the region
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