Contiweb CR series of modular rewinders

Contiweb rewinders are designed specifically for the unique requirements of the digital printing market.

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  • Overview

    Features & Advantages

    • Visual display of active operational parameters on HMI screen
    • Motorized reel side-lay adjustment
    • Web transfer at any reel diameter
    • No reel shafts required
    • Reels unloaded at ground level
    • Integrated electronic control of outfeed for constant web tension
    • Integrated web guide
    • Slitter (before the splicing position)


    The Contiweb CR series of modular rewinders consists of three models ranging from entry-level manual rewind capabilities up to fully automatic rewinding at full press speed. Whatever the level of automation required, each model features proven Contiweb precision engineering technology to ensure accuracy and repeatability at every state of the process.

    All models in the Contiweb digital series of rewinders are designed to rewind reels with speed and flexibility, without the loss of any printed copies. They feature motorized reel side-lay adjustment as standard, which can be monitored throughout via a simple HMI screen.

    Each model is shaftless and allows rewinding in either direction. Available in two web widths, they also operate at floor level for easy handling and allow transfer of the web either to a core or to an existing reel of any diameter. For ultimate flexibility, the two transfer reels can be of different width and paper thickness at any given time, and repeated transfers from first to second position and vice versa are possible.

    CR Series of perfectly rewound reels come in three models:

    • CR-W rewinder
    • CR-S stop/go double rewinder with semi-automatic web transfer
    • CR-N non-stop unwinder with automatic reel changeover
  • Support

    Preventive Maintenance

    • Reduce downtime
    • Restore equipment reliability
    • Proactively identify productivity issues
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    Flexible Spending Account Programs

    • Advance purchase service agreements
    • On-site maintenance programs
    • Corporate programs available
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    Preferred Service Plan

    • Annual audit
    • Service technician dedicated to the region
    • Reduced service rates
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