Community® SSC

Single-width newspaper and insert press

The Community® SSC press is a single-width, one plate around web offset press for printing newspapers and semi-commercial products. It has won popularity throughout the world for its ease-of-use and flexible performance for newspaper coldset, heatset and UV printing applications. More Community® SSC presses have been installed throughout the world than any other press type across all manufacturers.

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  • Overview

    Features & Advantages

    • Newspaper and semi-commercial applications
    • Heatset, coldset or UV printing capabilities
    • Up to 35,000 impressions per hour
    • 546 mm (21.5”), 560 mm (22”), 578 mm (22.75”) cut-offs
    • Web widths up to 889 mm (35”)
    • Modular Goss controls package
    • Remote ink fountain and running register control available
    • Slot lock-up plate cylinders


    Since the launch of the first generation Community® SSC, the press has earned a reputation as a workhorse, with its flexibility to print newspapers, books, guides, insert sections and various other newspaper and commercial products. Through continuous technical upgrades, the Goss Community® SSC press has remained the market leader – the best investment choice for fine print quality, high productivity and value. It is easy to operate, compact in design and built for an efficient and production model.

    The Community® SSC press, built to specification, is ideal for medium to low circulation printers where flexibility and high net productivity are key. Comprehensive coldset, heatset and UV printing capabilities enable the press to produce a wide variety of printing products.

    Built on Goss’s heritage as the first web offset manufacturer to incorporate four-high stacked printing towers, the Community® SSC press has modular design and flexible configuration that makes it easy to operate and provides opportunities for future enhancements and expansions.

  • Specifications
    Community SSC
    Cylinder format 2 x 1
    Speed up to 35,000 copies per hour
    Maximum web width up to 889 mm (35 inches)
    Cutoffs 546 mm (21.5 inches, 560 mm, 578 mm (22.75)
    Folders "SSC 1:2 jaw, up to 8 webs N40 1:2 jaw, up to 12 webs 1:3:3, up to 12 webs"
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  • Support

    Preventive Maintenance

    • Reduce downtime
    • Restore equipment reliability
    • Proactively identify productivity issues
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    Flexible Spending Account Programs

    • Advance purchase service agreements
    • On-site maintenance programs
    • Corporate programs available
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    Preferred Service Plan

    • Annual audit
    • Service technician dedicated to the region
    • Reduced service rates
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