Sunday® Vpak® 500

Variable-sleeve web offset presses for flexible packaging, carton, pre-print and label applications

Sunday® Vpak® 500 is a cost effective and versatile choice for short run applications. Printers can achieve high productivity with print quality of web offset, and, achieve it faster, easier, with lower costs

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  • Overview

    Features & Advantages

    • Premium offset print quality
    • Affordable, fast variable-sleeve size changes
    • Fast make-readies
    • Lower-cost offset plates
    • Higher productivity than sheetfed
    • Unique ‘micro-color bar’ option
    • Patented gapless Sunday® press blankets
    • Advanced tension control
    • High-quality ink and dampening system with four form rolls
    • Automated Omnicon® controls with Goss Web Center®


    Goss Sunday® Vpak® technology makes it easier and more cost effective for printers to excel in short-run applications and to exceed the increasingly high quality demands of the packaging sector.

    Pressures on packaging producers to reduce costs and turn-around times, while achieving high print quality make web offset a better alternative than flexo, gravure or sheetfed. In many applications, web offset can achieve it faster, easier and at lower costs.

    Specialized Goss Sunday® Vpak® systems were designed from the ground up to allow flexible packaging, folding carton, pre-print and label producers to achieve the high productivity, print quality, efficient process automation and short-run agility advantages by the latest advances in web offset technology.

    Quick-change sleeve adapter technology allows infinitely variable repeat settings within the design range of each press model, making it fast and simple to match the cylinder circumference to the repeat length for each specific job. Force loaded cylinders extend the versatility, accommodating a wide range of substrates and calipers ranging from lightweight films and foils to heavy gauge carton board and liquid packaging.

  • Specifications
    Sunday® Vpak 500
    Standard web widths 850 mm (33.50 inches) 1051 mm* (41.38 inches)
    Maximum speed up to 365 meters/minute up to 1,200 feet/minute
    Repeat range 406-812 mm (16.00-32.00 inches) 508-812 mm (20.00-32.00 inches)*
    Integrated equipment range Coaters Flexo units Ink-jet printing Lap and butt splicers Infeeds Rewinders Hot-air dryers UV curing

    * Range is reduced for 1051 mm (41.38 inches) width

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  • Support

    Preventive Maintenance

    • Reduce downtime
    • Restore equipment reliability
    • Proactively identify productivity issues
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