MagnaPak® Inserters

Versatile and modular for a variety of applications

Manage everything from the large newspaper packages to high-speed daily runs with the shaftless Goss Magnapak® packaging system.

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  • Overview

    Features & Advantages

    • 30,000 copies per hour cycle speed
    • High-performance, servo-driven hoppers
    • Automated zoning at full production speeds
    • Inserting and collating/wrapping capabilities
    • Modular and expandable up to 80 stations
    • On-the-fly adjustments
    • Open center design for installation around building columns
    • Open control system architecture
    • Omnicon® controls
    • Optional selective control for customer specific packaging


    With newspapers turning to expanded zoning, more aggressive versioning, and an increased volume of free-standing inserts, Goss offers the optimal solution. The Magnapak® newspaper packaging system delivers simplified make-ready, reduced maintenance and the flexibility to facilitate truly automatic zone changes without impacting speed or productivity.

    Magnapak®, the industry’s first shaftless inserting system, combines high throughput speed with the versatility to manage any production contingency from large packages with many inserts to high-volume daily papers with fewer inserts. The system runs at up to 30,000 cph and shaftless multi-motor technology allows for a larger and greatly simplified design.

    Flexibility features allows newspapers to customize the Magnapak® according to today’s production requirements and then adjust the system to meet tomorrow’s – without purchasing a new machine. The modular design is expandable and can accommodate multiple deliveries from the inserter.

    The Magnapak® features high performance independent servo driven hoppers. The NP 30 hoppers can be taken in and out of production for several zones while the system is running at full production speeds, allowing for on-the-fly adjustments, resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy. No gears, clutches or line shafts are required, and that means minimal maintenance requirements.

    The newspaper industry’s most advanced gripper delivery system accepts products from the Magnapak® pocket in an inserted or collated mode and delivers them to any designated release point including stackers, diverts, reject or check, copy stations as well as single copy plastic wrappers for collated product. The low maintenance gripper system can manage in excess of 750 broadsheet pages and operate at speeds up to 30,000 copies per hour. It also provides selective, single-copy control for efficient and accurate transitions.

  • Support

    Preventive Maintenance

    • Reduce downtime
    • Restore equipment reliability
    • Proactively identify productivity issues
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    • Advance purchase service agreements
    • On-site maintenance programs
    • Corporate programs available
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